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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Parental Locks – Make TV Viewing Safe for Children

Categories:Shaw Direct

With children in the house, parents will surely be concerned when it comes to TV viewing. When your child has the remote in their hands, how can you stop them from watching content that is not suitable for their age? The answer is simple: Parental Locks.


Today, most televisions offer the parental lock option to users, which helps them block certain shows or channels. You also have the option of blocking content…

Key Features to Look for in a Medical Alert System

Categories:Medical Alert

Many senior citizens prefer the option of living in their homes where they have spent the bulk of their lives than to be shuttled off into nursing homes. Although nursing homes are a viable option, the lack of familiarity, sentimental attachment to one’s own home and fear of uncertainty deters many senior citizens to shift to these facilities. Medical Alert systems in turn come to the aid in the event of a medical emergency

Intrusion Detection Systems – Keeping Your Home Safe in Your Absence

Categories:Security System

The main function of an intrusion detection system is to alert the occupants of a household of a trespasser. This helps keep a house safe and prevents unwelcome intrusions or break-ins. In the market, you will find a variety of systems that prevent intrusion. Here are the two most popular types.

Contact Alarms

These alarms are used on doors and windows. They operate through a simple electronic technique. Two parts of an…

Reasons Why Your High Speed Internet is Testing Your Patience


It can be really annoying when you have important work at hand and your internet is running slow. This can be quite frustrating and may end up wasting your precious time. If your internet cable provider promised a high speed internet, but your internet fails to run on that speed, you might want to look at the reasons behind this problem. There can be several reasons that may be slowing down

Vital Security Systems for a Home

Categories:Security System

Security is an ever increasing concern for many home owners across Canada. Ask any home owner today and they will cite the safety and security of their household as their number one concern and priority. Nevertheless, the majority of home owners fail to put in place the necessary precautionary measures that would come to their rescue in emergencies.


Fortunately, now there are many technological options that can keep trouble at bay. Furthermore,…

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