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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Shaw Direct is the best fit for your satellite TV needs

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Shaw Direct is the choice for you if you’re looking for the best in satellite TV.  Aside from a large assortment of English language programming, Shaw Direct also includes French language broadcasts as well as the largest assortment of HD channels available in Canada.  Just pick up your remote and you’ll have access to your favourite news, sports and entertainment channels.  You can find the current programming lineup on their home page.


Shaw Direct

How a security monitoring service gives you peace of mind


With home burglaries on the rise, it makes a lot of sense to have a security monitoring service.  Little mistakes like leaving garbage cans out too long or failing to pick up newspapers can alert potential criminals that you are on vacation.  A home then becomes an easy target as there is no defense at that point. 


Of course, having a security monitoring service doesn’t just benefit homeowners on vacation.  It’s also…

Why medical alert systems may be right for you and your family

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I think we all got a bit of a chuckle when we first saw the “I’m falling and I can’t get up” ads on TV years ago.  When we’re young and healthy we don’t realize how common of a problem that is with the elderly.  Yes, their legs can just give out at any time.  My father who is a robust and healthy man of 82 years fell down three times in two weeks earlier…

Advanced Tech should be your choice for a home security monitoring service


Advanced Tech offers a wide variety of technology services, ranging from satellite tv to internet service to home security.  Probably the most important aspect of Advanced Tech’s home security package is the home security monitoring service.  Most home security is monitored – meaning that there is a manned offsite location that monitors the status of all of the home security systems that are “plugged” in.  Simply having glass break detectors, motion sensors and door…

Fredericton Area Xplornet authorized local internet dealer


There are some really big plans coming from Xplornet, and Advanced Tech will be offering it.  As Xplornet’s  authorized local internet dealer, you will be able to go directly through them and have your internet service set up quickly and easily.


Now for the news.  Xplornet is in the process of implementing an ambitious plan to offer 25 Mbps download speeds to 100% of rural Canadians by July of 2017.  Many rural internet…