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Monthly Archives: April 2016

How To Get WiFi In Remote Areas


One of the benefits of living in a city is access to a number of WiFi access options.  Well, the further you get away from that city, the harder it is to get WiFi. Why?  Because companies who offer it have to invest in expensive infrastructure and won’t see a return on their investment in smaller communities. 


Which begs the question, how to get Wifi in remote areas? Well, it’s easy to get

Satellite Television Systems Are The Wave Of The Future


Satellite television systems are a convenient and superior way to get all the cable programming you could want and more.  It’s also a great option for customers in rural areas where there is no infrastructure for a cable connection. 


Satellite television systems are the wave of the future and here’s why:

·         Many more channels and some like NFL Sunday Ticket are only available on satellite television. Even the most basic satellite

The Importance of Home Security Intrusion Detectors

Categories:Security System

Most homes have passive fire alarms.  You know the ones that chirp when the battery gets low.  But there are plenty of homes that have no home security intrusion detectors or may have some sensors that aren’t even monitored.  Homes without alarms systems are 300% more likely to get broken into.


With the rise in home burglaries, it only makes sense to protect your home and family by installing home security intrusion detectors.  These

The Benefits Of Using A Shaw HD PVR

Categories:Shaw Direct

When you order satellite TV through Advanced Tech, you will be set up with Shaw Direct, Canada’s best satellite TV service.  At the heart of the system is the Motorola 630 HDPVR.  As the name implies, you will receive high definition output and the use of the internal PVR.  PVR stands for personal video recorder.


With the Shaw HD PVR, you will be able to record 45 hours of HD programming or 145

Shaw Direct Programming Has Everything You Could Want and More

Categories:Shaw Direct


Shaw Direct is the premiere satellite television provider in Canada.  By using three satellites, Shaw provides over 210 HD channels to its customers, the most in Canada.  With a total of over 760 channels, including all major American and Canadian networks, Shaw Direct is continually expanding its list of channels.  Aside from a large assortment of English language channels, Shaw Direct programming also includes French language broadcasts such

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